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Our community' ONLY consists of folks who are light, white, opague, translucent, brown or of other different shades and colors, from tan to blue to yellow to red to all of the shades on and beyond our known planet daaaagnabit:) )and folks who are or were or always wanted to be true to their mothers and fathers...  Just be FREE AND BE WHOEVER you are... Just BE  with love, respect and protection of each other's differences. CREATE and EVOLVE((:


Respect of Differences and so much more in reference to TRUE Sisterhood' and Brotherhood' from young to old souls/people who truly believe in love and peace with everyone's differences.... ANYTHING less than that standard will have to go if told by Bjm' or community' as a whole. MAY SINCERE ACTION IN: love for, respect to, protection of and embracing of our differences, ALWAYS be the foundation on which we build upon. 

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